Wednesday, 8 May 2013

"Do You like my Shrims"

A funny thing happened the other weekend. I was really hungry (which is not unusual for me, I love to eat!!) Anyway, I was looking for something yummy to have for lunch. I saw we had mushrooms in the fridge and decided mushrooms on toast would be delicious. Being married for only a few months, I didn't know if my husband Thane liked mushrooms too; if he did, I’d make him some.

So I went up to him and said with all the enthusiasm of a hungry woman about to make something delicious and asked: “Do you like mushrooms?” He looked at me a little puzzled and seemed very hesitant to answer. So I replied, “I’ll take that as a no.” Still a little hesitantly, he replied; “Well, I would if I knew what they were.” In amazement I said; “Mushrooms! You don’t know what mushrooms are?”

He then burst into laughter and could hardly speak to tell me what he was thinking. Through his laughter I managed to find out that he had misunderstood what I asked him. He thought I came bouncing up to him and said “Do you like my shrims?”  His immediate thought was that he loved everything about me, but he wasn't sure what my shrims were. He stood there feeling puzzled at which part of my body my shrims would be!!!

We both fell into fits of laughter and still get a giggle from that memory.

How easy is it to get muddled up sometimes in our communications with others? It so easily happens that we misunderstand what the other person says or does. Have you ever caught yourself stewing about something in a relationship you have with someone you care about?

If you were to believe that it’s possible you may have misunderstood….

What could be different?

Warm regards
Helen French


  1. Laughed til I cried! Thanks...hoolerous!

  2. Love your humour and your insights Helen. Keep writing. We want more!