Wednesday, 8 May 2013

An Unexpected Gift

An unexpected gift

My heart is aching and I don’t know why,
Seems that the past will sometimes tie,
My hands behind my back and pull,
Haunting my mind with emotions full.

I search inside me for the cause,
And try from my busyness to pause
And so I write and attempt to reveal
Why this ache my happiness did steal

I write my feelings and let them flow
Hoping that the deepest source will show
And help me know what next to do
With the cause of my uneasiness full in view

Why when my life is filled with joy
Does this ache creep in and my peace destroy,
I want to fight it away and push it back
But something inside me says; “give yourself some slack”

So I allow myself to feel and write
Letting thoughts flow, bringing my heart’s desires to light,
As I find them my mind calms; peace does flow,
It’s then I realise that this ache is not my foe

Rather it is a friend, a loving gift,
A time where my heart and soul can lift,
I go on now, and keep smiling a whole lot longer,
Knowing that my ache brought a message that made me stronger.

by Helen French

If you were to believe that the emotions you may be feeling have a message for you that will help you......

what could be different?

warm wishes
Helen French

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  1. And so the talents of this beautiful woman keep revealing themselves...unfolding delicately to inspire all!