Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Don't get down, get determined!

Today I watched my 10 year old son play his first soccer game of the season. Despite his team losing, for most of the first half they played really well. As the other team got more goals, I watched as the team started to get discouraged; especially the goalie. His whole body language changed, his shoulders drooped and he lost enthusiasm to try as hard to stop the ball entering the goal. This of course meant the other team scored more goals. The more discouraged my sons team got, the more goals the other team scored.

At half time, the coaches gathered the team around them and tried to cheer them up, urging them not to lose heart. One of the children on the team told the coach that the other team were laughing and teasing them because they were losing. The coach told the team to get determined and show them their talent. He told them if they wanted to annoy the other team, get out there and score goals and show them what they are made of.
Isn't that a bit like life?

We either get down or get determined!

Life will always have its moments when we feel like we are losing, running uphill or not being appreciated for who we are. We either let it get us down and we stop and retreat into the shadows of our best selves or we take a deep breath and figure out how we can get determined to find resolution.

I saw the perfect example of getting determined today, as I got the chance to know a beautiful lady with Multiple Sclerosis. She has plenty of reasons to get down and to feel like giving up but she has chosen the opposite attitude. She embraces all opportunities to find ways to carry on with life, regardless of her MS. She is in a wheelchair and she was excited to show her new car that has recently been fitted out with a lift for her chair and special handle bars to help her maneuver in and out of the car. It also has hand controls so that she can accelerate and brake with her hands.

She told me of the many things she had to do that afternoon. As she told me I realised how many times she would get in and out of the car and lift her wheel chair in and out. I was so inspired. I find it hard when I am tired to find the energy to get all my 'to do' things done and I have the full use of my body!! I took a moment to reflect on how much I take my freedom for granted. When I choose to be determined to overcome what I find difficult, I feel a whole lot better about myself and a whole lot more confident in what I can achieve!

If you were to believe that there was a way to find determination….
What could be different?

Warmest wishes
Helen French

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